Directors Loan Account Case Study

Insolvency Case Study Type of Work: Directors Loan Account Overview Our client was appointed Liquidator of the Company and during their appointment had identified an overdrawn director’s loan account. Whilst the director had acknowledged the debt and made some payments against the balance, there was still a large balance due to the Liquidation. Given that […]

Antecedent Recoveries Case Study

Insolvency Case Study Type of Work: Antecedent Recoveries Challenge Our client was appointed Liquidator of the Company following the making of a Winding Up Order. They subsequently appointed My Debt Recovery to assist with the identification of any claims due under the Insolvency Act and to collect any monies due. The Company was part of […]

Directors at War Case Study

Silhouettes of two people having argument

Business with Directors at War Type of Work: Arbitration and Distribution of Cash/Assets to Shareholders Overview Following the breakdown of the professional/working relationship between two directors and equal shareholders of a company, their accountant introduced them to My Insolvency. They wanted to discuss the options available to the business, its directors and shareholders. The directors […]

Personal Guarantee Case Study

Close up image of fuse box

Company: Electrical Engineering Business Type of Work: Personal Guarantees Overview Our clients were the former directors of an electrical engineering company that was forced into an insolvency procedure, following a couple of its major customers going bust. The company’s cash flow was instantly crippled by the hole caused by the down fall of its customers, […]

Engineering Business Administration Case Study

engineering company insolvency case study

Company: Engineering Business Type of Work: Administration and Pre Pack Overview Our client was the director of the engineering company in financial difficulties, due to bad debts incurred from their customers. The company was long established and had 10 employees, however, it had experienced difficulties with other companies (customers) going into insolvency proceedings, resulting in […]

Recruitment Company Administration Case Study

A graphic of a professional holding a laptop next to a resume layout

Company: Recruitment Company – Building sector Type of Work: Administration and Pre Pack Overview My Insolvency were introduced to the board of the recruitment company by the company’s bankers (“the Lender”), following some significant bad debts being suffered. The lender was concerned that the board was not communicating properly with them and had failed to […]