Escalate Dispute Resolution

Escalate Dispute Resolution

Following the Jackson Reforms, pursuing an insolvency claim became very expensive and time consuming, leading to many insolvency practitioners writing off good claims. This is exactly why Escalate, an innovative dispute resolution process, was created.

What are the benefits of using Escalate?

  • Complete transparency – Escalate works on a fixed fee basis so you’ll know from the very beginning what the fee will be should the claim be successful
  • Fast results – Escalate aims to recover monies owed within three months, if not, you’ll have the financial backing to take your dispute all the way to the High Court
  • No financial risk because you don’t pay a penny unless the claim is successful
  • Escalate covers all upfront costs so you don’t have that initial outlay
  • Escalate also covers other costs including disbursements, legal fees and ATE insurance 
  • Personal indemnity insurance included

What type of disputes can Escalate pursue?

Escalate covers all types of commercial and insolvency disputes that are up to three years old including bad debt, negligence and contractual.

How does Escalate work?

Escalate follows a two-stage process:


The first stage of this process is engaging experienced recovery specialists to negotiate on your behalf. Our sister division, My Debt Recovery are Escalate’s exclusive front-end debt collection agency so you can trust that you have an experienced team working on your behalf to recover what is owed. 

The defendant is provided with incentives to settle the debt within three months and as mentioned above, this work is based on a fixed fee which you won’t pay unless the debt is recovered.


If the defendant is still unwilling to settle within three months, the claim will move into the Litigation stage of the process. Escalate will cover the whole litigation process, including paying upfront court costs and counsel fees, all the way up to the High Court.

Unlike the traditional route, if you lose the case, you won’t have to pay the defendant’s costs.

Statement of Insolvency Practice 2 Investigations (SIP2)

In addition to the above, Escalate can also help with your duties under the Statement of Insolvency Practice (SIP2). Escalates help includes:

  • Offering advice on the SIP2 report or preparing the report
  • Investigating what assets can be realised and what other recoveries can be made
  • Recovering monies owed including:
    • VAT refunds
    • Unlawful loans
    • Overdrawn directors loan accounts
    • Debtor monies

Our Escalate Team

If you think Escalate can help you with your commercial dispute, contact our dedicated Escalate team below:

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